Rental price of apartments in the capital will automatically increase due to the increased cost of “communal” – the expert

Цена аренды квартир в столице автоматически будут повышаться за счет удорожания «коммуналки» - эксперт

In the rental market of housing capital is reduced prices will not, most likely, it will only get more expensive.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the expert on the market of real estate capital Sergey Kostecki.

Cheapest “odnushku” in the capital can now be removed from 3 thousand to 5 thousand, “kopeck piece” – from 4,5 thousand to 6.5 thousand UAH, said the expert.

S. Kostecki added that the prices of three-room apartment near the metro will start from 7 thousand UAH. Of course, there is the rental market and expensive one-bedroom apartments with all the “bells and whistles, the price of which starts from 22 thousand UAH per month. Rent one bedroom VIP apartment for 4 thousand dollars. A lot of options.

“It is worth noting that the rental rates in Kiev has not improved. But the prices can’t stand still, they can only grow due to the fact that the market is simply a no-win situation, it is at its minimum. In my opinion, easier even an apartment not to rent at such a miserable price”, – said Sergey Kostecki.

According to the analyst, the price of rental housing at the moment has reached a certain limit, but to increase the rent automatically will be because we are constantly expensive “communal”. The landlords from this will not win anything. Many people even rent out their apartments to rent to tenants just pay in the winter for the “communal”, and it for anybody not a secret.

“The rental market more or less stable, reduced prices in any case will not. Everything will only go up and up due to the fact that something changes in the economy, and the dollar is rising and the rates increased. I repeat that people who give shelter for rent, anything do not work, people will just Peter out”, – concluded the Sergei Kostecki.