Registration of subscribers in Ukraine, have earned the new rules

Регистрация абонентов: в Украине заработали новые правила

There are 54.6 million mobile subscribers

December 13 in Ukraine began to operate a new procedure for the registration of mobile subscribers. First and foremost it will affect those who use the services of a prepaid connection, i.e. without registration and conclusion of contracts. The website “Today” to understand what will change for subscribers, whether the increased number of registered users in mobile networks, and how innovations in this area to wait for next year.

In Ukraine reflected on the registration of subscribers

Recently the national Commission of regulation of communications and Informatization approved the new procedure for the registration of prepaid subscribers instead of the one that has acted since 2011 the Main new feature is that subscribers will be able to submit both paper and virtual application in order to register on the network.

“The adoption of the new modalities due to the need to simplify the registration of operators those subscribers who have still not registered because of their large number creates the basis for the use of SIM cards to commit unlawful acts, including fraud associated with the use of subscriber numbers. These factors have an impact on the financial status of customers and do not contribute to the reputation of the operator, provider of telecommunications”, – said on the website Natskomisii.

Indeed, a year earlier, the mobile operators reported that 90% of their subscribers not registered in the network. In Ukraine has repeatedly said mandatory registration of SIM cards, as the world experience shows that this practice is widespread in other countries.

For the first time compulsory registration of subscribers appeared in Germany and Switzerland 14 years ago. According to the GSMA, more than 80 countries began to actively discuss the registration of sim cards already since 2013 In most of the countries, which introduced compulsory registration, is motivated by the enhanced counter-terrorism.

However, until compulsory registration in the country not enter, but create all conditions in order to get more subscribers voluntarily passed the authentication to the network.

“Subscriber registration – process is purely voluntary. The customer can go for the contract, complete the application and passport in stores customer service or to remain on prepaid, providing his personal data to the operator, by the registration process”, – noted in press service of “Kyivstar”.

That will change the new order

As we have said, the new procedure for registration of subscribers will affect those who use prepaid mobile connections. Instead of having to go to the official representation, to stand in line and write statements, subscribers will be able to check in online.

“The opportunity to register remotely will make the process faster and more convenient for the subscriber and for the operator. In the new Order of registration significantly expanded the list of documents with which to register. Earlier it was only the passport of the citizen of Ukraine, and now this can be a passport, TIN, driver’s license, etc.”, – told in the company “lifecell”.

Representatives of Vodafone, in turn, added that their customers will be able to register your number not only from official stores, but also online, having a digital identification using one of the means of verification: Mobile ID or an electronic digital signature (EDS).

“In order to register, you just need to fill in the registration form on the page, verifying your identity any of the following methods. After successfully completing the form the customer will receive a confirmation SMS. If the client has no Mobile ID or electronic signature, check one of the shops Vodafone. If the customer wants to register a legal person, the list of information required for registration will also include details of the legal entity and enterprise code”, – told in the company.

Recall that Mobile ID is a service of mobile operators, which allows electronic identification for various electronic services.

Plus Mobile ID is that the key that is on the SIM card, you cannot delete or copy to other media. It is also protected by two passwords, i.e., the first pin code, the user unlocks the SIM card and the second private key, so if I lose my phone an attacker will not be able to use the electronic signature of the subscriber.

“The cost of a SIM card with Mobile ID is 100 UAH. The connection of the EDS services for a period of 1 year – 150 UAH. The subscription fee is 15 UAH per month”, – told in “Vodafone”.

Why register subscribers

First subscriber registration is needed in order to minimize the machinations of scammers and other intruders.

“Registration of subscribers is extremely important, given the situation that has developed in recent years in Ukraine, this measure is directly connected with the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights. As practice shows, in most countries, the introduction of mandatory registration of subscribers to telecommunication services, carried out primarily for reasons of strengthening the rule of law and measures to prevent terrorism” – say the operators.

In addition, the registered subscribers in the network have more privileges, so, the operators told that they will be able to return the unused funds from mobile accounts to get a printout of services rendered, keep your number when switching to another operator (after Ukraine in 2019 will earn a change of operator), and will be able to protect themselves from various fraudulent activities.

We will remind that since may 1, 2019 Ukraine will have a procedure of number portability (MNP) and in order to change the operator, the customer, first and foremost, you will need to register. With the introduction of this service in Ukraine, subscribers will be able to move from one operator to another, while fully keeping the same number, including the original code of the operator.

Now more and more Ukrainians think about how to sign up and not use my room anonymously. In the company of lifecell said that last year the number of registered subscribers in their network grew more than 10 times. The main reason why subscribers are registered – the desire to protect themselves from financial fraud, which is actively thriving in Ukraine.

Thus, the operators reported that now the registration procedure has become much easier and faster. Moreover, identification in a network gives subscribers a lot of advantages and helps to defend against attackers. It is expected that when Ukraine will work in full service porting, more subscribers will be identified.

We will note, earlier we wrote about the fact that over the last years in Ukraine fixed-line phones has been reduced by 30% and the payphones just disappear — their number decreased by more than 10 times.