Regardless of the crimes: Rada expanded the list of OUN members, classified as war veterans

Независимо от преступлений: Рада расширила список ОУНовцев, причисленных к ветеранам войны

The law disappeared, the phrase “those who have committed crimes against peace and humanity”. List of nationalist organizations, whose members honored veterans, was extended. Tipped international complications.

Not only against the Nazi invaders

The Verkhovna Rada on December 6 adopted a law “On amendments to the law of Ukraine On status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection strengthening the social protection of participants of fight for independence of Ukraine in XX century”.

This law to veterans and equated persons, who participated in all forms of armed struggle for the independence of Ukraine in XX century in the Ukrainian insurgent army, the Ukrainian insurgent army ataman Taras Borovets (Bulba) “woodland Sich”, the Ukrainian people’s revolutionary army (UTRA), armed units of the Ukrainian nationalists.

Such persons in Ukraine, there are about 1200 (according to the all-Ukrainian OUN-UPA imeni General-cornet Roman Shukhevych).

“Until now they did not have the status of veterans and appropriate state support” – explain the authors of the bill Yuriy Shukhevych (RPL), Alexander Tretyakov (MFP), Maxim Bourbaki (NF), Gleb zagoriy (PPB), Eugene rybczynski (“will of the people”), Mikhail Gavrilyuk (PF), Andrei Biletsky and Oleg Petrenko.

However, political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov notes that all listed in the new law category long enjoyed the benefits at the local level and have the status of fighters for independence. “This is another symbolic step in the humanitarian policy pursued by the government. In fact, politicians make the humanitarian sphere in the territory of war and confrontation,” he said.

The analyst recalled that on July 13, after a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko at the NATO summit, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that Warsaw is waiting for Kiev’s specific steps to degeroizatsii Ukrainian nationalists. The Polish President said that Ukraine has adopted standards which include the “glorification” (glorification) of the UPA.

It should be noted that this statement came when members of the UPA were already numbered among the veterans. It happened after 2 may this year, President Petro Poroshenko signed the law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning improvement of the procedure of rehabilitation of victims of repressions of the Communist totalitarian regime 1917-1991”.

The law of authorship the speaker Andriy Parubiy, Yuriy Shukhevych and eight people’s deputies was adopted in mid-March. The explanatory Memorandum stressed that the victims of the Communist regime “deserve sympathy, understanding and recognition of their suffering.”

Then article 6 the Law on the status of veterans was a paragraph 16, which stated that the combatants recognized the soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army who participated in combat against the German fascist invaders in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine in 1941-1944, who did not commit crimes against peace and humanity.

Now the phrase “who have not committed crimes against peace and humanity” will not. Disappear and clarification that veterans are those who fought against the Nazi invaders. The explanatory note says that the UPA’s “continued armed resistance to the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union after 1944”.

After the adoption of the new law, these persons are equal in status to those who perform combat missions to protect the homeland in military units of all types and branches of the Armed Forces of the army and Navy, in partisan detachments and underground.

“Marginal ideology, is not able to provide massive support”

Andrey Zolotarev considers immaterial extension of the list of nationalist organizations in the new law. Indeed, in the explanatory Memorandum expressly States that the listed organisation: UTRA, “woodland Sich” became part of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN), Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA).

“Surviving veterans of the UPA as veterans of the great Patriotic war were very few. However, in the context of the policy pursued by the government, the law brings us together and not what makes side. Rather, it creates another point of the clash of positions and opinions. This is absolutely a political move, the human there is very little,” said Alexander Zolotarev.

The adoption of the law it says that power before the election focused on the right constituency. The analyst reminds that the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft resolution on appeal to the President concerning assignment of Stepan Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine.

In January 2010 the decree of President Viktor Yushchenko to Stepan Bandera has already been awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. But on April 2, 2010 decision of Donetsk district administrative court the decree was repealed on the basis of lack of Bandera Ukrainian citizenship, which is necessary for awarding the title of Hero.

To return the title offer MPs Maxim Bourbaki (NF), Andrew cat (BPP), Michael Cooper (SF), Julius Mamchur (BPP) and others. In the explanatory note to the document says: “Stepan Bandera became the embodiment and symbol of the struggle for independence of Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that Warsaw does not agree with the denial of the criminal nature of the ideologues of Ukrainian nationalism Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych.

“People like Shukhevych and Bandera, were criminals, who bear direct responsibility for crimes committed against the Polish people,” said Duda. According to him, Poland could not accept the fact that they “are not considered criminals, that they cannot be called criminals”.

The Sejm of Poland adopted on 26 January this year the law banning propaganda of Bandera ideology. The denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists is a penalty or deprivation of liberty for a term up to 3 years.

Expert Andrey Golovachev at the time noted: “In General, the roll in the direction of nationalism has led the current government to considerable problems in Europe.” The expert recalled that during the presidential elections of 2014, when it turned the conflict in the Donbas, representatives of nationalist parties Dmitry Yarosh and Oleh Tyahnybok scored 0.,7% and 1.1%, respectively.

“This is the limit from which exit they will not succeed,” wrote the expert in Facebook, noting that “nationalism is almost all modern societies, and in Ukraine, too, is a marginal ideology, is not able to provide mass support.”

The expert believed that the government will distance themselves from the nationalists. But the forecast did not come true.

In may of domestic legislation was withdrawn a norm that are not subject to rehabilitation, those who were rightly convicted of treason, espionage, sabotage, sabotage, sabotage and terrorist acts, crimes against humanity, punitive actions against the civilian population, murder, torture citizens and aiding the invaders during the Second world war, the organization of militias who committed murder, robbery, robbery…

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