Recovery after flu: more vitamins, less stress

Восстановление после гриппа: больше витаминов, меньше стрессов

The flu does not pass unnoticed for the body and significantly “weakens” the internal organs, depletes the immune system and pollutes with toxins the liver and kidneys. Assume that the disease behind as soon as were cough and fever, wrong, because now we have rehabilitation. Quickly restores forces of an organism or not, depends largely on awareness of the patient about what the process is now taking place, and of self-discipline.

Relax and drink more

The disease depletes the inner resources of the body and is very exhausting, because during the illness and after the flu it is important to avoid fatigue, and how to sleep.

Nothing rejuvenates like a good night’s sleep – sure the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

“In the period of recovery is necessary to sleep 8-9 hours, need a NAP after lunch – it will only benefit. Second, and equally important rule: drink as many as possible. The liquid will quickly excrete the remnants of diseases, toxins, and numerous drugs. Start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon during the day, drink plain water without gas and a lot of warm vitamin teas. Suitable as a green may,, home-made compotes and fruit drinks, teas with raspberries or cranberries.

Be sure to drink for the night a Cup of fragrant tea with lemon. Instead of sugar – teaspoon of honey. It is an excellent natural antiseptic and the lemon is just a “vitamin bomb”. These are what the body needs. You can also add in tea, pieces of ginger root, he “disperse” the blood and helps it to clean itself faster,” said the doctor.

Eat regularly, but in moderation

During the period of rehabilitation is important and enough to eat.

“Try not to overload the stomach with something heavy and don’t eat from the first, second and third dish. Better stick to a fractional power and try to make sure your menu is healthy and nutritious.

After an illness, many often lose their appetite. But to starve all day and survive on only one case, it is impossible. If you don’t want to eat, lean on fruits. Especially for citrus fruits – oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit is always useful, and after illness and is irreplaceable,” – said the expert.

As soon as appetite will appear, add to the diet easy cereals, fish and seafood, plenty of vegetables. From fatty meats, starchy foods and sweets are best avoided, they are difficult and long to digest and creates an additional problem for the body which is already weakened.

To help the stomach, eat the first dish. Not “heavy” nourishing soups for pork or beef, chicken, vegetable broths or soups.

More vitamins

Vitamins in the recovery period from flu strongly enough, besides, disease is suffering, our appearance – pale skin, under the eyes, fade hair. Quickly lead appearance in order will allow proper nutrition plus an abundance of vitamins.

“You can get them from vegetables and fruits, but if you eat them in insufficient quantities, it is not superfluous to drink a vitamin complex. Well, if a disease you wrestled with antibiotics, vitamins and minerals you need. Buy a balanced set, and in any case not exceed the dosage. To not only enrich the nutrients the body, but also to raise your immune system, choose the complexes with a binding in vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, selenium and zinc,” – said the medic.

Perfectly affect the immune system and appearance and vitamin cocktails. They need to drink every morning and, in principle, depending on personal preference to combine in the drink can be almost any fruit and vegetables have been proven such recipes:

three medium-sized carrots run in the juicer. Add a few tablespoons of cream and a few drops of lemon juice (you can squeeze directly into the glass);

– carrot and celery squeeze and mix with a spoon of olive oil, a little salt;

– in equal proportion squeeze the carrots, apples and beets. You can add a little citrus.

Come in tone

Flu provokes a decrease in vascular tone, as it deals a severe blow to the cardiovascular system. High temperature increases the load on the circulatory system, and the longer it lasts, the more it suffers. Suffer heart and blood vessels and treatment methods. Antivirals “are thrown” heart and nose drops (vasoconstrictor) cause vasospasms. It’s time to restore all the complex and fast.

A simple and effective way to clean the blood and the vessels – daily drink a glass of diluted in half with water, natural pomegranate juice. To cope with the consequences of the disease and its treatment will help “Granny” methods such as herbal concoctions of lime, grass clover and clover. Well, to give the vessels tone, “sabrelite” your favorite dishes with spices – cloves, pepper, ginger, cinnamon.

As a result of the flu or a cold always affects the liver. She worked hard all this time to bring the medicines from the body. To help her quickly recover and self cleaned daily on an empty stomach drink the juice of fresh carrots, parsley and celery.