Reasonable force: the Police hostage – what are the fruits brought reform of the police (VIDEO)

Разумная сила: Полицейские в заложниках – какие еще плоды принесла реформа полиции (ВИДЕО)

In Ukraine, the cases when the police becomes a hostage to this or that situation through the actions of the government. Law enforcement agencies in Ukraine turned to the on inactivity, which is merely observing the rampant crime. This is another proof that police reform has failed completely and it plays into the hands of the authorities.

This was stated by the Deputy leader of the party “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Savchenko in a video posted on the YouTube channel of political power.


“Few people recognize, but police reform is a PR stunt. It has a security effect, but this is an illusion,” said the politician. “This fake reform is not served for a long time and not able to serve. The police become the hostages, because how can they oppose the very same power?”

A. Savchenko sure that the current power in Ukraine is closely connected with crime and be separated from him no longer able. “Power and crime – the criminal power is what you need to understand. And the illusion with caramel for the cheek to sit quietly and simply observe as now get TTS under the hooting of the crowd, as will continue to get flats, then it will be to get the property, then the roads will shake out of the car. It’s all clear if everything will flow the way it flows,” – said Savchenko.

He added that neo-Nazi groups that rioted on the streets of Ukrainian cities, doing all this with the tacit inaction of law enforcement agencies. The situation, according to policy, will only worsen.

“And you mustn’t think that we will escape, this is the biggest mistake. Branches of history, they are the same, nothing today is no different from the last century. Will be all the same, perhaps even bloodier. The only thing that has changed is the speed of information, that is, we have the opportunity soon to see and more to know. In all other respects, unfortunately, with such a complacent attitude to the gangster government, everything will happen exactly as I told you,” said the Deputy leader of “REASONABLE FORCE”.

He also noted that officials, taking advantage of its monopoly on the use of power, select the property from the owners, and the police can not do anything to tell them, because it is the handiwork of the government itself.

We will remind, in November of the current year in Kiev the nationalists captured the shopping center Ocean Plaza.

Also earlier it was reported that encouraged by the government right-wing radicals on 8 October tried to break into the house of the Chairman of the regional organization of party “REASONABLE FORCE” Irina Spirina.

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