“REASONABLE FORCE”: a Million signatures on a Declaration of peace says that Ukrainians, first and foremost, want to end the war

«РАЗУМНАЯ СИЛА»: Миллион подписей под декларацией о мире говорит о том, что украинцы, в первую очередь, хотят прекращения войны

The Ukrainian government is afraid of peace in Ukraine, as it is only interested in war. However, the first million signatures on the Declaration of the world party “REASONABLE FORCE” suggests that people are tired of endless PR authorities on religion and language, and primarily wants peace.

This was during a press conference in the news Agency, ГолосUA Chairman of the political party “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Soloviev.

A. Soloviev reported that the campaign to collect one million signatures under the Declaration “For peace” was held on 17 September. It was then that the leadership of the party and its members went to Lugansk, where they met with civilians.

“For 3 months we have gathered a million signatures. This suggests that today people care about the fate of our country. This suggests that people want peace, peace in our families and in the street,” – said Soloviev.

The leader of the “REASONABLE FORCE” emphasized that signatures gathered across the country and in the West and in the South-East, and today is already a million.

“Civil society organizations also participated in the signing of the Declaration. We decided to send the letter and this Declaration to those parties that are in Parliament. We have made a signing to Gritsenko, Lyashko, sent a Declaration of Yulia Tymoshenko, in the PPB to ensure that, when they declare peace, have confirmed their participation. Today, our people wants peace”, – said O. Solovyov, adding that all the politicians kept silent.

The leader of the “REASONABLE FORCE” has held a series of meetings on the eve of elections in General relativity. All Ukrainians just one question: when the war is over, when the country will be the world?

“We declare that we go to the polls, and we take as the party responsible for what is happening in our country. We go to our country peace, order and prosperity” – said Soloviev.

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the political party “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Savchenko stressed that 1 million signatures on a Declaration is not the limit.

“The signatures could be more if the government does not chose the path of fraud and defamation. As soon as the document Declaration on peace, government, and private functionaries immediately began the defamation of this document. Started to say that the party of “REASONABLE FORCE” urges Ukraine to surrender, that is, the Pro – Kremlin game. The government has done everything to hotelboat main document. The government shows that all the talk about the world are unprofitable and harmful. The authorities at the moment is beneficial to fight to the Ukrainians say that there is an aggressor, but for some reason not even hiding from year to year and increase trade with the aggressor,” – said the Chairman of “REASONABLE FORCE”.

A. Savchenko stressed that once the people of Ukraine ask the world, this is the power to choose the most comfortable option – rogue people advocating for conflict resolution and dialogue with the uncontrolled territories.

“What does the one million signatures? We openly inform authorities: guys, stop pursuing, stop deceiving us. We unfavorable war, will make all its capabilities and resources, Mr. President, and make our country peace,” – said Soloviev.

Deputy Chairman of the party “REASONABLE FORCE” has stressed that the existing one million signatures must remind the government that Ukrainians do not need PR on matters of language and religion. People are tired of war and they first of all need the world.

Also, the Deputy head of the party “REASONABLE FORCE” Anna Levchuk said that Ukrainian politicians are concerned only with the populism and afraid to admit in “RS” of its competitors.

We will remind that in September of this year, “REASONABLE FORCE” has signed with the Ukrainians in the territories beyond the control of the people’s Declaration of peace. “REASONABLE FORCE” became the first Ukrainian party, for all the conflict in the Donbas who went to deal with the Ukrainians, who remained in the country beyond the control of territories.