“Rain of spiders” shocked residents of Brazil (VIDEO)

«Дождь из пауков» шокировал жителей Бразилии (ВИДЕО)

Residents of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil witnessed the unusual phenomenon, which they called “rain of spiders”.

As The Guardian reports, such events sometimes happen in this state during the hot and humid weather.

Joao Pedro Martinelli of Fonesca, who made one of the most common social networks the video, told the local newspaper that it was “fascinating and terrible”, especially when one of the spiders flew into the open window. The boy’s grandmother, Jerkin Martinelli said another newspaper that spiders and web was much more noticeable on the video. “We’ve seen it before, always on the days with high humidity, when it was very hot,” she added.

As the newspaper notes, despite the fact that it seems that spiders are falling from the sky, in fact they are located on a giant spider web in an attempt to catch prey. The spiders parawixia bistriata is a rare social spiders, but the webs that they spin is so thin that it is almost impossible to notice with the naked eye. Spiders live in colonies and the nest day in a giant balloon, and in the evening go out to hunt. Web width can reach four metres and a length three.

At dawn, before again to return to sleep, the spiders eat the prey that was caught in a web. As a rule, are small insects, but sometimes even small birds. According to scientists, spiders are not dangerous to humans, but their bite can be compared to the bite of a red ant.

Previously, because of the cries of Aussie a spider the neighbors called the police.