Radio caller saved a person from suicide

 Радиоведущий спас дозвонившегося человека от суицида

One of the listeners had intended to commit suicide, and told about it on air. In the end, the presenter kept him on the line until rescuers arrived.

British radio host for the program Talk Radio, Iain Lee caller saved him on the air of a man named Chris from suicide. The man held him on the line half an hour before he was found by rescuers. About it writes The Independent.

When on the air, Chris told the host that prepared everything to leave this world. The man admitted that he is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and tired of this,reports.

During the conversation, the moderator asked Chris where he is. It turned out that he was lying and dying on the streets of Plymouth.

“Tell you what, Chris. I don’t want you to die tonight. I need to know on what street you. I want you to experienced tonight and talk to me tomorrow…I love you, brother,” Ian said to the man.

In the end, the rescue in time to find Chris and he was able to save. This leading said on his Twitter page.