Radicals broke up a meeting of veterans of the security forces in Kiev

Радикалы разогнали собрание ветеранов-силовиков в Киеве

In Kiev on 11 January was held a meeting of veterans of all power structures.

The event was attended by delegates of veterans ‘ organizations from different regions of Ukraine, says ГолосUA.

They had to discuss problems in their social and pension provision, principles of cooperation with the Ministry of veterans. The event was disrupted several dozen right-wing radicals in masks. Meeting participants associate the incident with the fact that the authorities don’t want to hear their point of view.

One of the Communists said that the Crimea – Russian and allegedly held a referendum confirmed this fact, writes Apostrophe.

Activists tried to disrupt the separatist “Sabbath”, from-for what there was a fight.

In this regard, the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the assistant of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Irina Frieze, which is the Minister of veterans Affairs, made an important statement, canceled a meeting with representatives of the HS Committee “KRUGO” and the Council of the Motion that was scheduled for Monday, January 14.

“Since the appointment of a Minister for veterans, I met with representatives of all public organizations. However, today’s event made some changes in this policy. As you can see from the video cuts, some organizations are hiding under the word “veteran” are agents of the aggressor state without fear of relay points of Russian propaganda, openly expressed support for the Kremlin”, – she said in Facebook.