Rabinowitz: anyone who brings the day getting rid Suprun, Ukraine has service

Рабинович: Любой, кто приближает день избавления от Супрун, оказывает Украине услугу

The liberation of Ukraine from representatives of the current government will begin with the expulsion of the acting head of the Ministry of health Ulyana Suprun.

This was a live TV channel “112 Ukraine” said MP, the founder of “the Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

“Anyone who brings the day of liberation of Ukraine from Suprun, doing a good job and render the country a service. I will support in this matter and the President and Prime Minister, and anyone. It is actually much more complicated. We waited a long time, leaving the ex-head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva. If you remember, we gave a salute in honor of the liberation of our country from her. We became slightly easier, but still one less parasite. I think we are the same salute we give resignation Suprun. We have already filed several lawsuits against her. Now the government just realized that before the election, really need to get rid of it. Because the negative that it brings to them, is mind-boggling,” said the MP.

According to him, due to the failure of medical reform, the issue of dismissal Suprun should be resolved very soon.

“I’m very optimistic about it. We will continue rallies against Suprun. I promise to our voters that we will give you another and salute the liberation of our Motherland from the acting head of the Ministry of health. We do from all of them will be free soon, but let’s start with her. This is a man who is a symbol of incompetence, abuse of Ukraine, to the disbelief of the leadership of the country to their own people. This man must go”, – says MP.

The leader of the “Opposition platform For life” also made me think about what led to the disastrous fake reforms implemented in the country.

“After the “reforms” of Suprun and in General our government in our country, there has been a serious shortage of places for burial. Today in Ukraine the need to build 550 new cemeteries. That’s what made their activities Suprun and others like her! Power concentrated in the hands of billions, ignored the laws of Ukraine. We all see, but do not want to go to the Maidan. Don’t need revolution, you have one time to vote for a pragmatic government that will build a normal, human country”, – said Vadym Rabinovich.