Rabinovich: the New Constitution will be the construction plan of the country, and I’ll get to writing it

Рабинович: Новая Конституция станет планом строительства страны, и я займусь ее написанием

We need a new Constitution in the country, which people then take on the referendum, and I’ll get to writing it in our party. This statement was made by MP and leader of the “Opposition platform For life” Vadym Rabinovich on air of the program “a Great interview with a great politician” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.


“Why do we need a new Constitution? For example, we build a three-storey building. We need to begin to draw his plan? Of course, otherwise everything will collapse! And we have a country to build, and to question what we are building, no one will answer. Yushchenko came – all run to the West, Yanukovych came – to Moscow all ran. Why do we constantly run, like antelopes?” – asked the MP.

According to the politician, Ukraine needs to determine the vector of its development and to build on their own interests. For this you need to stop going back and forth between East and West and secured in the new Constitution its non-aligned status.

“We need to understand the blueprint of our future, project our common Ukrainian house. I believe that it should be non-aligned, independent country, constructed as the “Switzerland of Eastern Europe”. If someone have another suggestion – let’s discuss, hold a referendum, and so on. Let’s decide on one thing and stop rushing from side to side. So it is impossible to build a building, and especially the country. We need to hold a legitimate referendum, to consolidate the results, such as drawing or plan of development for the next 10 years, and build!” – said the leader of the “Opposition platform For life”.

He also added that Ukraine needs only one year to stop the economic downturn and to reach the pre-war figures. It is necessary to abandon the regular IMF loans, which, according to the MP, stifle our economy.

“According to the estimates, which to date we have Ukraine needs one year to restore everything destroyed by these “idiots”. And subsequent years will be years of recovery. To do unpopular things complicated. Unpopular, however, is not for the people, and our allies are different, such as the IMF, which we have just expelled from the country. Because they have almost crushed by debt. Only this year the interest we have to give them 12 billion dollars”, – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.