Rabinovich: the Goal of the opposition platform – to bring a single candidate through to the second round to win

Рабинович: Цель оппозиционной платформы – вывести единого кандидата во второй тур и победить

The main task of the opposition at the moment is to bring a single candidate from the South-Eastern and Central Ukraine in the second round of the presidential elections and win.

This opinion in live TV channel NewsOne was expressed by national Deputy of Ukraine and the leader of the political party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

“The number one task – to bring the candidate from the South-East and center of Ukraine in the second round of the presidential election and defeat, and thus to break the system bacchanalia built this power. It is time to understand that to live we can’t – this is not Europe. Therefore, the two highest-rated candidate of the South-East and centre of the country, Boyko and Ireland were United into a single structure. And this means that a single candidate has all the chances to win,” – said the MP.

He also noted that politicians who oppose the United opposition and go to elections separately – betray the interests of their constituents.

“Anyone who says today that we should not go to the polls, who says that it is not necessary to join – he betrays the voters, because only a single column we can save the country from what is happening”, – said the MP.

According to Rabinovich, “the Opposition platform For life”, which is soon joined by other opposition forces in Ukraine.

“If to speak about elections, I’m sure our platform will be dozens, if not hundreds of other organizations and parties. And that is the second stage,” – said the politician.

We will remind that earlier the leaders of the opposition political forces – the Chairman of the party “For life” the people’s Deputy Vadim Rabinovich and head of the parliamentary faction of the Opposition bloc MP Yuriy Boyko signed an agreement to merge and create a “United opposition platform For life”.

“This is a historic day for Ukraine, because it created a platform for opposition forces which must unite to stop the Orgy of power. There are three points on which we clearly agree, and on which we invite you to unite all. The first installation of unconditional peace in the country. The second end to the economic genocide of the Ukrainian people. And the third is the creation of an independent neutral countries – Switzerland in Eastern Europe”, – concluded the leader of the party “For life”.

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