Rabinovich: the Congress of our party next week to nominate a presidential candidate

Рабинович: Съезд нашей партии на следующей неделе выдвинет кандидата в президенты

Political Council “the Opposition platform For life” decided to support Yuri Boyko as the presidential candidate of Ukraine, next week it will approve the decision of Congress of political force.

About this on his page in Facebook said MP and leader of the political forces Vadim Rabinovich.

“The political Council of our party decided to support (as we said) the candidacy of Yuriy Boyko in the election. This decision should confirm the Congress, which will convene next week! To defeat this power, you must unite and get over their personal ambitions. And we affirm their actions,” – said the MP.

Earlier, Vadim Rabinovich refused to participate in the presidential race to focus on winning in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“I will lead our party in the March parliamentary elections and we will win 200%, because only we have the plan and capabilities to lead the country out of the crisis”, – said the politician.

We will remind, earlier the party “For life” and “Opposition bloc” declared the Union in a single “Oppositional platform For life”. While Rabinovich noted that the purpose of the new political entity – the establishment of peace in Ukraine and an end to the economic crisis in the country.

“There are three points which the opposition forces must unite. The first is to achieve peace in the country. The second end to the economic genocide of the Ukrainian people. Third – the creation of independent country – Switzerland of Eastern Europe. These three points on this platform we invite everyone,” – said Vadim Rabinovich.