Rabinovich: Bringing the economy before the disaster, the government was forced to leave millions of Ukrainians

Рабинович: Доведя экономику до катастрофы, власть вынудила уехать миллионы украинцев

The current government has been forced to leave millions of Ukrainians to work abroad, bringing the economy to disaster.

Such a statement on his page on Facebook was made by the Deputy and the leader of the “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

“The IMF recently reported that overseas on a permanent basis working up to three million Ukrainians. First, it is a blatant lie on earnings is now more than 10 million Ukrainians! Secondly, cause resentment wording from the report of the Fund. In particular, it says about the poor state of the Ukrainian economy. I would not hesitate so, and called him honest and straight – catastrophic,” – said the MP.

According to him, even in the IMF itself noted that disenchantment with the external economic situation significantly increased labour migration: working abroad about 2-3 millions of Ukrainians. Thus, according to the Deputy, the IMF itself has put Ukraine into its credit needle lure the Ukrainian government, making it their puppet.

“In the end the government always raises people’s tariffs for gas, heat. Power rowing Fund loans, then bringing funds on their foreign accounts, buying real estate, buying yachts and Mercedes. They do it with ease, knowing that to pay debts not it is a heavy burden they put on us and our children”, – said the MP.

According to the politician, the current government miserably failed to govern the country. In his opinion, Ukrainians have to raise its economy, not the economies of other countries.

“We “the Opposition platform For life” know how to provide it. A few simple steps: to return to the state strategic enterprises, establish their work. This will allow us to restart the economy but also create millions of jobs. As a result, we will return to the country of emigrants Ukrainians. And with the IMF bid farewell forever” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.