Queer as Folk : the reboot of the cult series in preparation

Queer as Folk : le reboot de la série culte en préparation

It is a return that will please the fans of the series “Queer of Folk” ! In effect, a reboot is seeing the light of day, with key, new characters and plots deeply rooted in the news.

The american channel Bravo is currently working on a reboot (new version) of the cult series of the 2000s called Queer as Folk. According to the magazine “Têtu”, the kinky gay will make his return, and modernize some of the plots. Russell T. Davies, the creator of the original series, is already designated as being the executive producer of the project. And Nicola Schindler, the original producer, it would also seem to be of the party !

But according to us site Variety, the intrigue and the characters will not be copied, but improved and modernized. It will be a matter of following a bunch of friends to party is recontruisent together, supported by the gay community after a tragedy. This tragedy, which could be the starting point of the plot, could clearly be the massacre in the nightclub “The Pulse” to Orlando, which took place in the night of 11 to 12 June 2016. This theory, referred to by the magazine “Têtu”, might actually be a trail to explore…

Nothing is even revealed around this shoot to come, and the information comes in dribs and drabs. The cast has not yet been unveiled, but only one certainty : it will be entirely renewed, for a version 2019 any fresh ! Remains to be seen how many episodes will be shot, since the original series had counted only ten episodes…