Putin waited until Christmas eve – now all the attention to Krivoy Rog, – arestovich

Путин дождался сочельника – теперь все внимание к Кривому Рогу, – Арестович

Waiting for the Christmas eve according to the Western rite, the Russian President is preparing Ukraine hot period. Western leaders after Christmas go on vacation and will not be able to respond quickly to problems that due to Russian aggression can occur in Ukraine. And the reason for the provocations of Moscow is long overdue, the problem of water supply of the Crimea has already acquired catastrophic proportions. In Russia don’t know no other options of water supply to the Crimea, except from the Kakhovka reservoir.

About this in his video blog, said the military expert Alexey arestovich.

He notes that the Kremlin understands that for desalination water plants, which are not, plus it requires huge power of electricity, a lot of money for billions of euros, which Putin just yet. The expert notes that after the Russians began to extract underground water in the Crimea, they only exacerbated the situation, pushing the situation with the environment in much worse. Besides, even if the water was extracted, it would still these volumes are not enough to provide water to the entire population of the Crimea, and that more than 2.5 million people.

Arestovich believes that the group of 90 thousand persons from the Russian Federation gathered at the borders of Ukraine not just because these people decided to celebrate New year and Christmas in the open field and in tents. Deployed the s-400 system, special forces are also not just given in full combat readiness. The revolt on religious grounds, somewhere in Krivoy Rog, where a lot of Pro-Russian forces and a lot of Pro-Ukrainian forces, which have no clear position could be the perfect place to introduce troops. Most importantly – this way you can access Kahovskogo the reservoir and close the main issue in the Crimea.