Putin ordered Yanukovych to protect

Путин приказал охранять Януковича

The Kremlin said that Yanukovych moved to Russia “as acting President”

The Kremlin said that the convict in Ukraine for treason Viktor Yanukovych moved to Russia “as the incumbent”, and from that moment he is granted state protection of Russia.

As the correspondent of UNIAN in the Russian Federation, the journalists said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“Yanukovych is in Russia, or rather, Yanukovych entered the territory of the Russian Federation as acting President and head of State of Ukraine after the country suffered a violent seizure of power. Entered as Yanukovych is still in Russia”, — said Peskov on the question of the legal status of Yanukovych in Russia.

Answering the question of UNIAN that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin recognizes as the Ukrainian head of state Petro Poroshenko, Peskov said: “At the time of entry to Russia, he (Yanukovych) was the President of Ukraine”.

In another clarifying question, whom Yanukovych is at the moment for Russia, Peskov said: “At the moment he is not the President of Ukraine, as you know probably better than me”. According to him, now that Yanukovych “has no special legal status”.

Peskov also added that the protection granted to Yanukovych in the presidential decree. “Was (the decree), when he moved in as head of state”, — said Peskov. “He is guarded, he has state protection”, — said Peskov.

Recall, February 6, Peskov promised to clarify the basis on which Yanukovych is on the territory of Russia. January 24, Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv, Yanukovych was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. The court found him guilty of high treason and preparing and initiating aggressive war. However, the court acquitted Yanukovych by part 5 of article 27 (types of accomplices), part 3 of article 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) of the Criminal code in connection with the lack of evidence in actions of accused structure of a criminal offense. Sentence Yanukovych is calculated from the time of his arrest. The court also ruled against Yanukovych in favor of the state procedural costs for assessments in the amount of 98 thousand UAH 561. The lawyers ex-the President announced his intention to appeal a decision of the court.