Putin is urgently looking for a successor

Путин срочно ищет преемника

The Russian leader is tired of long stay in power

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already started looking for a receiver, who may be someone from his inner circle.

About it for The Guardian said the expert on Russian politics mark Galeotti, convey Accents.

According to British journalist who Vladimir Putin is tired from a long stay in power. Besides, he in recent years, is seriously ill. The leader of the Kremlin for a long time and found that it was less interested in political issues and more – the desire to peacefully live out their days with family and friends.

Galeotti claims that Vladimir Putin is seriously estranged from his political role in the life of Russia and now almost never takes important decisions, for it is done close associates and Ministers. But the President may not retire, not having presented his successor officially.

“I have the impression that Vladimir Putin is a man who is tired of politics and weary of their work. Routine work of the government it is no longer interested. His term will last until 2024. Although some experts argue about how he can stay in power, I think he would prefer as soon as possible to find a successor and to take to itself the role of “father of the nation,” explained a British journalist.

The expert is sure that the majority of Russians does not remain on the side of the incumbent President after his resignation, and in the history of this country will long be remembered in a negative light. The inhabitants of the country, as well as the political elite of Russia are tired to wage a constant ideological war with the West. After the departure of Putin from his post of the Russian Federation may wait for a whole new vector of development, and the next Chapter of powers able to take a course of rapprochement with the civilized world.

Anyway, Vladimir Putin, before his resignation is going to get a successor guarantee their own security. He wants to live the rest of his days in freedom and in the luxury to which you are accustomed.