Putin has taken the part of the territory and swear to do everything for this

У Путина отбирают часть территории и клянутся сделать все для этого

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he will make every effort to conclude a peace Treaty at the “Northern territories” — the South Kuril Islands belonging to Russia, according to the Politek.

This promise was made during a visit to the grave of his father, former foreign Minister Shintaro Abe.

“I swear in front of the grave, I will do my best every day to perform their duties. My dad worked on the problem of Sino-Soviet relations at the time, the problem of the Northern territories issue and peace Treaty. So I will do everything possible to still resolve this issue and to put an end to it”, — he stressed.

У Путина отбирают часть территории и клянутся сделать все для этого

It also became known that the Japanese authorities intend to invite Russia to refuse mutual claims for compensation on the South Kuriles. Moscow will be announced this idea during the next negotiations between countries on a peace Treaty.

Prior to this, Shinzo Abe stated that the issue of the Kuril Islands cannot be solved without the consent of their inhabitants. He stressed that Tokyo’s claims do not involve the eviction of Russians.

The Network also reacted to the situation with humor. “Well, if you promised not to evict, rosseyane are only “for” camping*bat beloved homeland. Still rush to the flow of “Russian” in the hope to become a Japanese”, “Only an idiot would leave for the mainland from the benefits of civilization to hell”, “Bilin! Need to learn Japanese in the Kuril Islands is ours!”, “2 times I read “promise not to shoot the””, — joked the users.