Putin has found a “loophole” in Ukraine: a devious plan in action

Путин нашел «лазейку» в Украину: коварный план в действии

The recent deterioration in Russia’s relations with Belarus is directly connected with the Kremlin’s desire to surround Ukraine and to gain a strategic advantage in Eastern Europe.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote military expert Konstantin Mashovets.

Путин нашел «лазейку» в Украину: коварный план в действии

“If Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus will pass, and this all goes… from a strategic point of view, the situation in Ukraine will worsen. In fact, in military-strategic terms we still to a large-scale invasion will be half-encircled… the Enemy will be enough to cut communications to the West and to block the sea approaches to our ports (both he is quite able to do). Let’s move on … ” – says Konstantin Mashovets.

According to him, the ideal option for the Kremlin would be to force Belarusians to fight against Ukraine themselves, but it is unlikely to succeed.

“The Russian General staff quite clearly figured out that in fact, the key to the Ukraine, as, by the way, to the entire region, Belarus… is its capture, the Anschluss, or whatever you call it, it is able to put Ukraine in the military — almost to a standstill… even a slim hope for a more or less prolonged organized resistance, in this case, will be in vain. Indeed, the Belarusians themselves to fight with the Ukrainian will not. For X**La it would be the best option. That is to say, the allies, in accordance with the CSTO, etc. But the Kremlin clearly understood, it will not happen… that is why, this year, they sharply intensified in the Belarusian direction…” – said the expert.