Putin amused cynical decision: to go hungry, but with songs

Путин рассмешил циничным решением: голодать, но с песнями

Putin has decided to please the Russians, and supported the idea of holding in 2023, the year of music in Russia, writes the Politek.

The premise for the event laid the head of the President of the Russian Federation, the pianist Denis Matsuev. The main criterion for the approval year of music in Russia will be the 150th anniversary of composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Путин рассмешил циничным решением: голодать, но с песнями

Putin himself is not yet entirely understands how the event should look like, and instructed the relevant bodies to consider the organization.

“With regard to events associated with the name Rachmaninoff, we need to think how to organize it. What you need to do something, it is exactly, we still discuss and think. You offer 2023, time to eat. Will have to think about it and celebrate,” — said the President of Russia.

Pianist Matsuev made the offer with the target that will be able to present to the public new talented musicians and conductors.

“You can extend it up to three majors, pianists, conductors, and pianists that we really need,” said Matsuev.

Additionally, the pianist in his fantasies went a lot further than the creation of the event. So, Matsuev invited Putin, despite the deep economic crisis in the country, to redeem the estate of Senar, in Switzerland, where in 1930-e years lived composer Rachmaninoff.

The estate was valued at more than 18 million Swiss francs (639 million Euro). It’s two houses, 10 hectares of land with garden, promenade and pier.

Путин рассмешил циничным решением: голодать, но с песнями

According to Matsuev, at the estate you can create the memorial.

Putin said that he had already discussed this issue with their friends, but they haven’t found people with whom to negotiate the purchase of the estate. However, the President promised that he will return to this issue.