Pugacheva almost died due to bad plastics

 Пугачева чуть не погибла из-за неудачной пластики

The famous singer Alla Pugacheva almost died because of the desire to seem younger than she really is. The incident occurred at a clinic in Switzerland, where the Diva brought the infection.

“The operation was unsuccessful, she brought the infection. Constantly had a fever, she lost weight and softly curled, it was terrible to watch”, — said her friend Mila Andreeva, which quotes “Around the TV”

According to the woman, the life of the singer have already saved Moscow doctors.

Andreeva added that all the efforts of the artist was for the sake of composer Sergei Chelobanova, and the story took place over 30 years ago. However, Pugacheva’s ex-boyfriend busted for drugs, and relationships in the music the pair is not formed, writes news.ru.

At the same time, Alla managed to prolong youth: I married a comedian Maxim Galkin, who is younger than her by almost 20 years.