Pugachev in ultrashort dress boasted a youthful appearance (PHOTOS)

Пугачева в ультракоротком платье похвасталась моложавым видом (ФОТО)

Famous Soviet and Russian singer Alla Pugacheva recently appeared in the First channel of the Russian Federation. There she appeared to the audience in a short black dress emphasizing her beautiful figure and struck his admirers appearance.

Information reports replyua.net.

First photos with this ether boasted Maxim Galkin, the husband of Alla. Shortly afterwards, there were photos from the live television broadcast, “Tonight”, which was dedicated to the famous designer Valentin Yudashkin. “I never would have dared! I was very modest. If I showed some leg from under the hoodie, then blushed,” – flirted Pugachev during the broadcast.

Пугачева в ультракоротком платье похвасталась моложавым видом (ФОТО)

Maxim Galkin has decided to flatter the wife, noting that she really has something to brag about. Then he led her by the hand to the stage, so she was able to show off your slender legs. “For 20 years, little has changed,” – said Galkin. Probably, Alla Borisovna was very touched by the words of the wife, as she responded to the passionate dance. It is noteworthy that Alla Pugacheva’s wearing an outfit that looks to be very similar so I gave her about 10 years ago, he Valentin Yudashkin.

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