Pugachev began to look worse after the betrayal Galkina (PHOTO)

Пугачева стала хуже выглядеть после предательства Галкина (ФОТО)

After a long absence in public and social networks Alla Pugacheva for the first time made itself felt, appearing with his son in the shop “Pyaterochka”. The singer refused the youth style in the clothing, returning to its black formless robes, while overall very haggard and aged.

This is reported vladtime.ru.

The frightening change in appearance of the idol of millions happened in a matter of weeks after the betrayal Maxim Galkin and promulgation of a scandal with his infidelities.

Пугачева стала хуже выглядеть после предательства Галкина (ФОТО)

The story of a pregnant Yulia Baranovskaya Pugachev was brought to its present state, turning into a real woman. From your account, the star also published a photo together with Christina Aguilera and Maxim Galkin and Pugacheva in this picture looks like to be in a long and deep binge. Crooked wearing a red wig on his head, dark glasses hiding the dark circles under the eyes, swelling of the face indirectly suggests that now is not the easiest period in the life of a Diva.

Meanwhile, as Sam Galkin, Baranovskaya look absolutely happy. It is possible that they do not mind revealed the truth about their relationship.

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