Ptsu may remain unrecognized by other Orthodox churches – the expert

ПЦУ может остаться непризнанной другими православными церквями - эксперт

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU) may remain unrecognized by other Orthodox churches in the world.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“The Patriarch of Constantinople, and we see the reaction of other Ecumenical churches of the world, can not guarantee that all these Orthodox churches will be able to recognize this structure (ptsu), and just the DNC trying to get a Patriarch of Constantinople, to put this new structure in the diptych, a diptych of the Patriarch of Constantinople is the list of Orthodox churches which are Autocephalous and Autonomous which,” says the expert.

According to political scientist A. Yakubina, the chances of acceptance of the legitimacy of the procedure of creation of ptsu is very small.

“Representatives of the PCU from Constantinople trying to ensure that Constantinople was allowed this new structure to achieve recognition of at least half of these churches. As far as I see, most of the Orthodox churches in principle, disagree with the Patriarch of Constantinople at this position of recognition of the new structure. Therefore, there arises the difficulty that the PCU will be partially recognized. Yet none of the churches of the Orthodox world, except Konstantinopolskogo Patriarch, has not stated about the interaction with her. It may well be that the PCU will remain unrecognized breakaway structure”, – the expert added.

Recall Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew signed a Tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The ceremony took place in the Patriarchal Church of St. George in the territory of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul.It was attended by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with his wife, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Epiphany.

As previously reported, after receiving Thomas on 6 January, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU) will gather for a Synod to form the management structure of the Church.