Psychologists have found out what threatens the rudeness of colleagues

 Психологи выяснили, чем грозит хамство коллег

Unfortunately, not every employee has caring and attentive colleagues. Some people in the workplace hear to your address rude, sarcastic and derogatory comments. Such working relationships can not affect the emotional state of employees.

As found by scientists from Portland state and Illinois universities, they not only affect the worker, but also as his romantic partner. While primarily affect the sleep quality of both,reports Vesti.

Based on a number of previous works, U.S. experts conducted its own “independent investigation”, that examined the relationship between impoliteness at work (perhaps the most common cause of office stress) and sleep staff. They studied the information about 305 pairs. All subjects had different professions.

As found by lead author Charlotte Fritz (Charlotte Fritz), if one of the spouses are faced with the rude treatment on the job, he later inclined to think about what happened outside of the office.

Research has shown that people faced with rudeness on the job, often reported symptoms of insomnia: trouble falling asleep or rises in the middle of the night.

As noted above, psychologists were interested in the quality of sleep not only of the workers themselves, but also their romantic partners.

And for good reason. It turned out that discourtesy to colleagues affected the dream romantic partner the “victim”. However, experts notice that only in those cases when the couple worked in the same company or had the same profession.

“As a pair of associated work, have a better idea of what is happening on each other’s work, they can better support your partner. Most likely, they are familiar with the context of the conflict and can suggest the best solution,” says Fritz.

The psychologist recommends that organizations do everything possible to create and maintain a culture of courtesy. The Fritz admits that completely avoid rude treatment colleagues will not work. In this regard, it proposes a number of strategies that can help employees to cope with the “office shock”.

First, it proposes to stop thinking about work after hours, often spending time with family and friends and also to have a hobby and practice meditation. By the way, the same is true for spouses of employees.

“Not to talk about work or to support their spouse is not a solution. People can talk about work, to speak, to discuss it, but then they have to try together to relax and create good conditions for sleep,” concludes the researcher.

The results presented in the scientific journal Occupational Health Science.

We will add that experts do not have nothing to worry about the quality of sleep of workers. Previous studies have shown that sleep deprivation negatively affects mental and physical health.