Protests in Greece: the teachers once again got into a fight with the police

Протесты в Греции: учителя вновь подрались с полицией

Teachers of the primary schools are faced with police in Athens on Monday, demanding withdrawal of the legislation changing the procedure of appointment of teachers in the public school system.

About it writes Reuters.

The violence began when protesters teachers are on 24-hour strike, tried to break through a police cordon near the Parliament. Some demonstrators threw flares at police, who responded with tear gas. The collision was short. The event was attended by over 3,000 people.

Teachers say that schools are not enough workers and require the creation of additional permanent posts. They argue that the bill of the Ministry of education is unfair to those who have many years of experience.

Previous attempt by the teachers to break into the Parliament took place on 11 January.

Recall, December 7, in Athens and Thessaloniki, police detained more than 100 people because of the riots that took place during the action dedicated to the anniversary of the police murder of 15-year-old.

It is reported that protesters in Athens erected burning barricades and threw in the direction of the militiamen stones and Molotov cocktails. In response, the police used tear gas, stun grenades and water cannon.