Protests: how many Ukrainians are ready to participate personally, not in words

Акции протеста: сколько украинцев готовы лично поучаствовать не на словах

Sociologists conducted a study

More than half of Ukrainians – 52% of respondents expressed unwillingness to participate in protests ahead of presidential elections.

About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine” with reference to the survey of the Center “social monitoring”, “Ukrainian Institute for social research..Yaremenko,” the “company Info Sapiens” and survey team leader “Rating”.

At the same time, almost 40% of Ukrainians are ready to participate in protests to defend their rights and interests. According to the survey, 37% are ready to protest if necessary. Among regions of Ukraine the highest level of protest recorded in Galicia (56%), the lowest – in Donbas (25%). The greatest willingness to go to protests, if necessary, was expressed by the voters of the candidate for the presidency from the party “Freedom” Ruslan Koshulynskyi – 55%, Lviv mayor, leader of the party “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovy – 52%, the leader of the “socio-political movement “Justice” Valentin Nalyvaychenko 48% and incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at 47%.

The least readiness to protest said the electorate of the leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko (33%) and co-chair of “the Opposition platform “For life” Yuriy Boyko (31%).

A sociological study was conducted from 19 to 30 January 2019. Surveyed 10 thousand respondents in all regions of Ukraine (excluding the population of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions) aged over 18 years. Statistical sampling error is not more than 1.0%.