Programme TV : L’élève Ducobu, Pan… The movies to watch during the day on Monday, December 31,

Programme TV : L'élève Ducobu, Pan... Les films à regarder en journée ce lundi 31 décembre

Tv channels take advantage of the holiday to propose a number of films in a day, story to entertain the spectators. On Monday 31 December, here is our selection.

The student Ducobu, at 13h55 on TF1

The student Ducobu don’t like the school. For the umpteenth time, he is fired and must enroll in a new institution. On the first day, he made the acquaintance of his comrades, including the young Leonie Gratin, the first of the class. He also meets his teacher, the strict and short-tempered mr. Latouche. Specialist of cheating, Ducobu manages for once to pretend to be a good student. A scenario is a nice and predictable, saved by a delivery hilarious Elie Semoun and Joséphine de Meaux, survoltés.

The holidays Ducobu, at 15: 40 on TF1

Delighted to go on holiday with his father, Ducobu déchante. It is in the same camping as Leonie, the best student of the school. His teacher, mr Latouche, going to him also its been. On exit, Ducobu learns that a treasure is hidden in a nearby island. He is persuaded to be able to discover it. For its part, Latouche is terribly jealous of Esteban, the leader of the kids club. Between adventure and comedy, a pleasant entertainment for the young ones.

Pan, at 17: 25 on TF1

Orphan, the little Peter finds that comrades disappear strangely. Making the watch one night, he is kidnapped by the pirates who came in boats flying. These latter take on an island floating in the air. There, Peter discovers that he must work in the mine for the terrible Beard-Black and to extract from the dust of the fairies. Accused of lying, Peter is thrown overboard. He then starts to fly… A veritable fireworks display aesthetic, which revisits with originality and energy without equal in the history of Peter Pan.

Ghost, at 13h25 on NRJ 12

Sam Wheat, in a business bank, and Molly, a sculptor, have just moved into a loft in Manhattan. They swim in happiness. But everything shifts when one evening, on returning from the theatre, the couple is attacked in an impasse. Touched in the heart by a bullet, Sam dies in the arms of Molly. Become a ghost, it tries to communicate with her through Oda, a visionary, eccentric. A trio of actors convincing for a comedy fantastic sparkling and deliciously romantic.

Happy Feet, at 13h35 on France 4

Norma Jean gives birth to an adorable emperor penguin called Mumble. But if the small fact of the tap dance as a person, he is unable to sing. A detail which did not please its congeners : they are, in fact, the soul sister that pushing the song. Banished by the elders, the poor Mumble binds friendship with the Amigos of Adélie Land, a group of latino penguins, led by Lovelace, who claims to be in contact with aliens. A fable irresistible in the fast and furious, which will delight music lovers as environmentalists. A good moment of cinema.

And also : The Thomas Crown affair (13h55 on France 3) and death on the trail (13: 10 on Arte)