Princess Charlotte is preparing to continue the sporting royal tradition

Princess Charlotte is preparing to continue the sporting royal tradition
Princess Charlotte is preparing to continue the sporting royal tradition
In the royal family, everyone does this: Elizabeth II herself, her husband, Prince Philip, and her children were seen behind this occupation, and then grandchildren joined in, but now it seems that the grandchildren also came to grief. This, of course, is about equestrian sport, which is very popular among noble and aristocratic families.

The queen is a great lover of horses, and even a very respectable age does not prevent her from still going out on horseback riding, and also organize annual shows and competitions. It should be noted that women in the royal family in general were very talented riders. The daughter of Elizabeth II Princess Anna won gold and silver medals at the competitions and even took part in the Olympic Games. Her daughter Zara Tyndall also continued her winning tradition.

It is no wonder that now the great hopes are placed on the young princess Charlotte. As insiders say, it is just approaching the age when it is worth seriously beginning to engage in this sport. For example, her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, began to ride when she was only four years old.

British rider Natasha Baker told the media that the duchess of Cambridge Keith Middleton has already begun to prepare her daughter for the continuation of this glorious tradition. According to the sportswoman, the little princess has already started riding lessons.

I asked Kate how the children were, and she said that Charlotte was really happy with these lessons. She stressed that the girl has a real passion for horses, and although Kate herself is not a big fan of riding, she will definitely support this interest of her daughter,
  – Natasha shared her impressions of communicating with the duchess.

Princess Charlotte

Will Charlotte expect great sporting success, it’s too early to say, but she will not have a shortage of mentors. In the saddle, her father, Prince William, also keeps excellent, and his uncle, Prince Harry, regularly participates in polo tournaments and quite often comes out victorious.

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