Presidential election campaign-2019 will turn into one big scandal – the scientist

Президентская избирательная кампания-2019 превратится в один сплошной скандал - политолог

The election campaign of candidates for President of Ukraine will turn into one big scandal.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said political analyst Pavel Rudyakov.

“Because the election campaign is superimposed on a festive January, it has not yet started. As such, the start of the election campaign yet. It is a buildup. Only the first few people took the documents to the CEC. Now comes the submission of documents and the first stage slow. In addition, Vladimir Zelensky broke the suspense saying that goes to the President. Everyone is waiting for the format of the election campaign. This happens when the documents include Yulia Tymoshenko and will announce his decision, Petro Poroshenko, that he decided to get re-elected for a second term,” said Mr. Rudyak.

According to him, the election campaign will turn into one big scandal.

“Since Poroshenko won’t be able to advance to the second round without the use of administrative resources. In addition, will still be the arrogant actions of the government in the interests of Poroshenko in relation to all the major candidates. It will tax and coercive methods. Accordingly, the election campaign turned into one continuous scandal. We all always election campaign turned into a dirty showdown between the separate financial and industrial groups”, concluded Mr. Rudyak.

We will remind, in Ukraine launched the beginning of the election campaign of the next presidential elections.