PPC “Molovata” resumed work

 КПП "Моловато" возобновил работу

After a three-day ferry break custom post type “Molovata” resumed its work. Movement through this post and was suspended in the morning of 11 January, due to ice cover formed on the Dniester

Three days ago, resumed operations on the tracks between the customs post “Albina” and settlements Husi and Iasi, the restriction has been lifted so far only for passenger cars, vans and buses. The movement of heavy goods transport on these roads is still prohibited, IPN reports.Renewed movement through the customs posts “Basarabeasca” and “Ceadir-Lunga 2” – has allowed the movement of buses. Movement through them was limited by the Ukrainian side in connection with the formation of ice on the roadway. Other customs posts operate in the normal mode, passing through them a large traffic flow is not fixed.