Poroshenko wants to embroil the Ukrainian believers to the background of the scandal to be re-elected for a second term – analyst

Порошенко хочет поссорить верующих украинцев, чтобы на фоне скандала переизбраться на второй срок - политолог

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko intends with his actions against the churches and the reception of the Tomos to achieve pan-Orthodox incitement of the conflict to the background of these events to be re-elected for a second term.

This opinion in comments, ГолосUA expressed political scientist Sergey Bykov.

“We can expect a great religious conflicts fuelled in favor of the current Ukrainian authorities. Poroshenko must create the conditions of large-scale pan-Orthodox conflict. If he will be able by his actions to provoke the imposition on himself anathema from the Russian Orthodox Church – this will give him the opportunity not only of reaching the second round of elections, but also create real prospects of re-election for a second term,” – said the expert.

The political scientist S. Bykov it does not preclude that religious conflict, which began after the decision by Petro Poroshenko, could lead to bloody conflicts.

“Most likely, will shed the blood. Poroshenko, and the temples and shrines. Thus, it will be possible to divide Ukrainians by religion “right” and “wrong” Orthodox” – he said.

The analyst added that the failure of Moscow and Minsk from the Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s reaction to the fact that Patriarch Filaret and Archbishop, the Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Macarius has unreasonably removed the anathema.

“ROC has carried out the expected step, because for the first time in the history of Orthodoxy, with the anathema of the Church hierarchy took a different Church than the one that imposed the anathema,” – said S. Bykov.

Recall that on 16 October it was reported that the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko said that in the coming days, Petro Poroshenko will register the bill, which proposes to transfer for permanent use to the Ecumenical Patriarch of St. Andrew’s Church. She announced this during the conciliatory Council of Parliament on Tuesday.

According to her, the President supports the desire to obtain an early Thomas in a sign of solidarity with that process makes a symbolic gesture. “Will be registered the bill, which President Poroshenko proposes to transfer St. Andrew’s Church for permanent use to the Ecumenical Patriarch, a symbolic gesture that the Holy Andrew in his time baptized Ukraine. It will be a symbolic gesture of unity with Mother-Church,” – said Lutsenko.

She added that Poroshenko asked the Parliament and all parliamentary parties to support this bill on the transfer of permanent use of the St. Andrew’s Church to the Ecumenical Patriarch. Now in the Church are services of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

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