Poroshenko understands that without participation in the negotiations Medvedchuk any release of the sailors will not be — Oleshchuk

Порошенко прекрасно понимает, что без участия в переговорах Медведчука никакого освобождения моряков не будет — Олещук

In response, Poroshenko on the question of the role of Medvedchuk are seen not only attempts to “throw” on the question of Putin’s participation in the negotiations Medvedchuk, whom the President gave the mandate to conduct them, and a clear indication that the negotiation channel, headed by Medvedchuk operated and remains the last channel of communication with the Kremlin. This was at the end of the press conference the Ukrainian President wrote analyst Peter oleschuk on his page in Facebook.

The analyst recalled how the President responded to a question about the role of Medvedchuk.

“We all know de facto Medvedchuk in the negotiations is a representative of Putin (sighs) and the only possible source, a channel for delivering information. And if there is a question before the President Poroshenko that he must meet and to prepare any proposals that will help to bring our boys home, whether it’s hostages in the occupied territory or political prisoners, I will do so — will meet. And I understand everything…” — said Poroshenko.

Interesting, according to the Oleshhuk in this response are two points.

“First, it is an attempt to “transfer” the issue of participation of Medvedchuk in the negotiation process only Putin, Poroshenko, though it gave it a mandate to negotiate a special status for the implementation of this mandate. What is clear is that all this was not done, Putin, and Poroshenko himself. Secondly, all these statements in the style of “you know” suggests that the negotiation channel, headed by Medvedchuk functioning. Moreover, as admitted by Poroshenko that Medvedchuk was the last channel to communicate with the Kremlin because Putin is “out of reach” for Poroshenko. And now that Medvedchuk will decide which Poroshenko’s words to retell to the President of the Russian Federation, and that — no. Says Peter, “I understand everything”. Because Poroshenko and sighs that he understands”, — said the analyst.

Given the situation with the capture of the Ukrainian seamen, Poroshenko to release them, otherwise it will be a stain on his reputation that political opponents (especially Tymoshenko) will use against him, says oleschuk.

“The President understands that there is no release of the sailors will not be if the process did not appear Medvedchuk. So here’s this “you know” he (Poroshenko — Ed.), obviously, preparing for this community,” concluded the analyst.