Poroshenko is building his campaign on the search of the image of the external and internal enemies – expert

Порошенко выстраивает свою избирательную кампанию на поиске образов внешних и внутренних врагов – эксперт

The election campaign of the President of Petro Poroshenko will be built on the character of external and internal enemies.

Comments about this ГолосUA, Vice-President of the Association of political consultants of Ukraine Andrey Bodrov.

“The forum “From Cool to Brussels” Poroshenko pointedly distanced themselves from STDs, as the party bears the image of a threat. Although in the present moment more negative BPP is exactly the image of Poroshenko. By and large, his attempts of reincarnation in other political projects are not likely to be successful”, – said Alexander Bodrov.

The analyst noted that the forum is “From Cool to Brussels” demonstrated how Poroshenko is trying to use for pre-election rhetoric, irrational motives.

“In the classic version of the manipulation of irrational motives used by the opposition during election campaigns. At the forum “From Cool to Brussels” we saw that in Ukraine, everything is turned on its head. Irrational motives trying to use that power. Success in the economy, social protection and improving the socio-economic situation of citizens power is not achieved. All that remains is to manipulate the historical facts”,- said A. Bodrov.

According to him, the election campaign Poroshenko will be built on attempts to involve the public in new confrontations and divisions.

“Ranging from Church issues to further use of “enemy image” in the face of Russia. That is the whole election campaign Poroshenko will be built on confrontation and the search of images all enemies foreign and domestic” – said A. Bodrov.

In his opinion, the government is also interested in fraud in the presidential election.

“The register of nowhere appeared an extra million votes. Now the regions are arranged so-called grid questionnaires. Apparently, this is an attempt to identify a list of chronically non-voting citizens in order to use the technology “Zolotaya Skrepka”. This is when electoral Commission “charged” with money or through administrative regulations accepts all kinds of citizens, not necessarily spelled out on this site. Then give them the ballots without legislative basis. This so-called “karuselschiki” who vote “the right way””, – said the expert.

According to him, experience shows that the bus is filled with such “karuselschikov”, the day can vote 5-7 times. “That is, we can obtain the increase of votes cast for the customers of the Banquet, five to seven times. This is the main hope of the government and the main technology for building elections. That is, the use of the votes of those citizens who are out in the country, and those Ukrainians who chronically do not vote”,- summed A. Bodrov .

We will remind, the honourable Patriarch Filaret, citing the planned health check did not attend the forum “From Cool to Brussels”, which Poroshenko has officially announced about intention to run for a second term.