Poroshenko began practicing theatrical performances instead of real communication with journalists – expert

Порошенко начал практиковать театральные постановки вместо реального общения с журналистами - эксперт

After Sunday’s press conference of the President Poroshenko has been clear that the President could not afford to replace real communication with journalists with drama.

This opinion in comments, ГолосUA was expressed by the political scientist, head of analytical center “INPOLITE” Sergey Bykov.

“The press conference was convened on Sunday, but the announcement about it appeared in less than a day before the meeting. Thus, there was an attempt to limit the number of disloyal to the government journalists. Sunday – day off, at least for the management of publications,” – said the expert.

S. Bykov added that during the press conference none of the reporters asked serious questions Poroshenko. This suggests that this event is more like a theatrical production than a press conference.

“The press conference was more like a theatrical production, rather than at a press-conference of the President of a European country. Not a single hard question. Even in the days of Yanukovych journalists themselves on the day of the press conference of the President have created a list of question queue. When a democratic President, we no longer see,” – said the analyst.

We will remind, on Sunday, December 16, President Petro Poroshenko gathered media representatives on a press-conference at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev. It happened on the next day after the Unifying Council and the proclamation of the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The President answered journalists ‘ questions about the new Church, the probability of the extension of martial law, and plans to go for a second term. The press conference has become Poroshenko’s sixth President.

At the meeting with journalists the head of state spoke about the outcome of the presidency, about the investigation of murders of journalists, on new sanctions against Russia; his regrets about Roman Nasirov, about opponents, about the Crimea, on the military situation, participation in the presidential elections, Ukrainian prisoners of war; about the Cathedral and the Tomos of autocephaly.