Popular Ukrainian singer leaves the stage

Популярная украинская певица уходит со сцены

Honored artist of Ukraine Anastasiya Prikhodko, who recently presented a new video and dedicated it to her husband, surprised fans. The actress said that she was leaving the stage and asks the fans to treat her decision with understanding.

With the appeal she made on his page in Facebook.

His decision Nastya explains that tired all the time to hear that her music is unformatted. And to adapt to the modern tastes in music the singer is not going.

“I’m leaving the stage! Tired of hearing that I don’t format. The musician really difficult when he has almost no support, and forced to be like everyone! I will never have to adapt to be fashionable, I am real and bring yourself, too, will not, unfortunately, what sells in stores, “all on 10″, buy faster!” — posted by Anastasia Prikhodko.

Such a Declaration of the singer seemed very strange. After all, Anastasia is working on a new album, “Creel”, the name of which coincided with the last album by Jamala. Prikhodko also presented several new videos and recording new material. To present the album she planned at the end of 2019. The singer has promised fans that her album will be finished and presented to the public.

What to do in the near future, She said. On October 31, the singer has invited fans to the Pechersk court, where he will defend their rights. The singer is suing the President’s Administration for the use of her image in a campaign video without the consent Prikhodko. The singer also writes that he wants to be alone with him, terminate all of the business started and then decide how to proceed.

Earlier, the government has announced that, together with the commander of the battalion “Aratta” Ukrainian volunteer army (UDA) Dmitry Yarosh is organizing a new political movement.

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