“Popular front” made a deal with Julia: details have emerged of

«Народный фронт» пошел на сделку с Юлией: стали известны детали

Part of the groups in the second ruling party “national front” (NF), whose rating remains within the statistical error, continue to negotiate with the leader of the presidential race, the Chairman of the party “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko, hoping to remain in the Ukrainian political scene, writes the Country.

An informed source in both political force, Reaffirming the negotiation process, to deny the conclusion of specific agreements which have already been reported in the press.

The main thing for the top NF now until new elections to the Rada to keep the main asset of the party – the party of 80 members, the second largest in Parliament, which will be the bet in the big game and possibly a future in politics.

Who with whom against whom

Centers of influence in the popular front, first of all, the head of the party Arseniy Yatsenyuk and interior Minister Arsen Avakov continue to discuss with the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko details of possible pre-election Alliance.

“Talks are ongoing with all groups, except Turchinov” – said the source close to Tymoshenko.

Recall that in NF there are several informal groups that focus their activity on the former Prime Minister and party “helmsman” Yatsenyuk, interior Minister Avakov, speaker Andrew Parubiya and Secretary of the national security and defense Council (NSDC) Alexander Turchinov. Some journalists see in the faction NF the once main sponsor of political forces, former MP and close friend Yatseniuk, Mykola Martynenko, who resigned after the scandal charges of the National anti-corruption Bureau against him.

The absence of relations with the once close ally Turchinov – a consequence of high-profile political “divorce” Tymoshenko with him (well, and other current leaders of the popular front) before the elections to the Parliament 2014, after which there was NF. And if disagreements with Yatsenyuk and Avakov were forgotten, Turchinov, says a source in the “Fatherland”, is still “not forgiven.”

It hardly bothers him, as Secretary of the national security Council approached the President, and even at a faction meeting of his party, he does not go, unlike Yatsenyuk and Avakov, who rarely miss them.

Agreement between Tymoshenko and interior Minister in political circles consider it solved issue. According to one version, came already in press, in exchange for protection of result of the leader of “Batkivshchyna” on elections Avakov retains the portfolio of Minister, and NF – place in the electoral list of the political forces. The mediator acts allegedly Yatsenyuk. Also, according to rumors, the two parties agree on amendments to the Constitution for Ukraine’s transition to a parliamentary form of government (although the closer the election, the more political circles doubt that Tymoshenko in case of victory will agree to cut their own powers).

However, Tymoshenko and Avakov does not show that entered into the transaction. Indirect evidence of its existence some believe the statement of the Minister that the presidential election the interior Ministry will not cover the scheme for buying votes and rigging. The intention of unfair play is credited with just power, not the opposition. That is, the words of Avakov – into the hands of Tymoshenko, who according to all polls a substantial lead over President Petro Poroshenko, however, has not yet declared about the participation.

The interlocutor of the edition close to the leadership of the NF, suspects that Tymoshenko agreed with the interior Minister only a preliminary.

“Avakov said that he agreed (with the leader of “Batkivshchyna” – Ed.Ed.). But I think the transaction took place, it is necessary to show the result of the election. And he will do it? If so, will he be able to effectively open the “grid” for voters on the ground? The result is the reward,” says the source.

Tymoshenko, too, still need to win elections to prove yourself credible.

The time quota NF also looks doubtful. A source in the Tymoshenko urges “Country” that people Yatsenyuk promised to no one of the list of “Batkivshchyna”.

“But we’re talking about those “veterans” who were fine with us all these years. There’s also many of our former (that is, natives of the “Fatherland” who had left the party together with Yatsenyuk and Turchynov for NF – Approx.Ed.) “he says.

Member of the political Council of “Batkivshchyna” Andrey Pavlovsky, in an interview with “Country” recognizes that “individual” mazhoritarshchik from SF offered to the candidate Tymoshenko’s support in the election.

“Depending on how much they really help, whether this contribution can be seen, they will be eligible to run in their constituencies with the support of our party. If, however, still remain the majority system. But no guarantees nobody gave anyone. And the Ministers we can only go by the results of the elections. Then all options will be discussed. And now it’s (about keeping the post Avakov – Ed.Ed.) nothing more than rumors,” – said Pavlovsky.

The Congress, not for the candidate

On February 2, the day before, as does the nomination of presidential candidates, the planned Congress of the NF, which, as announced Avakov, the party will take a decision in respect of the campaign. A source in the PF says that its candidate for the elections not to push. And it’s weird, because all parties these days hold conferences exclusively for this purpose.

But party forum the NF, according to the source, you need the top of the party to show unity and willingness to continue to be together. “Speaking about the necessity of membership in the party for our candidate for President, Yatseniuk said: if (!) People’s front decides to push it. And we will not. Instead, we will show that we are United and hold, and are accountable to our voters, no matter how many of them left,” he comments.

Himself Yatseniuk refused to stand, realizing the lack of the slightest chance. “Rating virtually at zero,” admitted the ex-Prime Minister in a recent interview.

But a cohesive faction still possible to ”sell” in political bargaining. “It remains an important resource Yatsenyuk and Avakov, therefore, first of all, they will try not to allow the deputies to disperse,” explains the interlocutor of the edition.

The problem remains that there is nothing more to offer the leaders the party members can’t.

«Народный фронт» пошел на сделку с Юлией: стали известны детали

“Our future remains a mystery. Yatsenyuk ordinary MPs do not share my thoughts about “what next”, but calls keep or even answers in the abstract – in the style of their boards on the streets. His visits to the regional organizations ceased, though he talked so much. It is seen that the leader at an impasse. The only viable option he sees the preservation of the faction, and Avakov, apparently, agrees with him,” says the source in the NF, however, critical towards the party leadership.

The political scientist Anatoly Artisyuk believes that such a task is for the leaders of the NF. “Among “veterans” a little self-sufficient people. Most came to the faction, thanks to a happy coincidence. They are dependent on leaders and disciplined. Their voices can be exchanged to the new President, whoever it was, “best exchange rate”, if he decides before the parliamentary elections to change “their” Ministers, such as defence or foreign Affairs”, – the expert believes.