Political scientist: Tymoshenko came out with Poroshenko in the same room that at the time of Yushchenko

Политолог: у Тимошенко не вышел с Порошенко тот же номер, что в свое время с Ющенко

Popular Ukrainian political scientist Taras Chornovil writes in his blog that there is every hope that in the presidential election race there will come a radical change, writes replyua.net.

Maybe in February after the start of the official campaign of Petro Poroshenko and thanks to an increasing number of errors Yulia Tymoshenko, the ratio of ratings over.

According to Taras Chornovil, the gap in favour of the President of Ukraine should start to grow rapidly. Finally, both the top-rated candidates will be in the second round. According to the analyst, Poroshenko should be in the first place and with a noticeable gap from Tymoshenko, who today, according to opinion polls in the first place.

The analyst notes, despite all the mega-efforts of Tymoshenko and her political strategists to convince voters and allies of the President that he is impassable, sociological tent came out zilch. As with Yushchenko, Poroshenko, the leader of “Batkivshchyna” did not work. From the beginning those who think with their head, understand what these two politicians, who represent diametrically opposed principles and vision of the country will be in the second round.