Political scientist: if Parubiy is rude Novinsky, Novinsky means doing the right thing

Политолог: если Парубий хамит Новинскому, значит Новинский все делает правильно

“Boorish remarks made in the address of V. Novinsky from the mouth of such odious policies as Parubiy, can be considered a recognition of his merits. If people are pathological haters of the UOC and its faithful, shy away from V. Novinsky like the plague, so he was on the right track”, commented the incident with the opposition bloc’s departure from the room during the vote on “Church” the bill on his page on Facebook analyst Daniel Bogatyrev, transmit Political news.

According to the expert, despite the fact that the issues of the unethical of those or other statements in the Ukrainian Parliament has long ceased to surprise the public, they, nevertheless, should focus. “The statement made by speaker A. Paruby against his colleagues demonstrates the level of degradation to which the ruling coalition brought the Ukrainian policy”.

As to Vadim Novinsky, said Bogatyrev, his principled position on the protection of the rights of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church deserves respect. “And notice, the rights of the Church and its Chad, he began to defend long before the religious theme became “mainstream” of the election campaign of Poroshenko.”