Political consultant: in Ukraine election campaign began before its official launch

Политический консультант: в Украине предвыборная кампания началась до ее официального старта

Before all the election campaign in Ukraine started the resourced candidates and candidates in a political tone.

The correspondent of ГолосUA Executive Director, said the AP POLITCONSULTANT.org Nikolai Volkov.

The first time the campaign began before the official start, before it all began resourced candidates, the political scientist said.

“As a rule, before anyone start the campaign or the most resourced candidates who have the money or the candidates who, one way or another, are already in the political tone,” explained N. VOLG.

The analyst added that last, as were in the active state, speaking from the parliamentary rostrum, the leaders of the factions, so they go in the election campaign.

“All the other candidates, less resourced, yet choose for themselves what purpose they are to be nominated to Parliament to take “first place”, – said N. VOLG.

He explained that some of them really go technical candidate to “cut” the electoral field. Someone will move to “torganut” to their nonexistent to go to the headquarters of a man who has money. This is a business.

“Some of the candidates still waiting for a visual signal from the oligarchs – sponsors, which, roughly speaking, sit and think, “who’s there will be.” Because litter money to someone – this is not the situation. They think to put on or Petrova Vasechkina. When voters see all of this extensive menu, there is, of course, the inevitable losses, even the leaders of the list,” suggested the analyst.

We will remind, presidential elections will be held on 31 March, and parliamentary – October 27, 2019.

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