Polish media: Medvedchuk performs an exceptional function in the Minsk dialogue

Польские СМИ: Медведчук выполняет исключительные функции в Минском диалоге

Viktor Medvedchuk returns to Ukrainian politics, and he has large and long-term plans. What strategy your team uses Poroshenko, which of the energy group talks Yulia Tymoshenko and how they will affect the electoral campaign related to energy-Kremlin groups of influence in Ukraine, according to the material of Paul Costa “Quadriceps eagle of Russia. Energy-related Kremlin groups of influence in Ukraine. Analysis”, published by the Polish website Energetyka24.

Analyzing the figure Medvedchuk, the author of the article writes about the return of influential player in Ukrainian politics, which took place in November 2018 with the entry of Medvedchuk in command of the party Vadim Rabinovich “For life,” recently joined forces with part of the Opposition bloc.

“In addition, Medvedchuk performs an exceptional function in the Minsk dialogue, responding, in particular, for the exchange of Ukrainian citizens in Donbass and Russian prisons to the Russians and the separatists. In the media you can find the information that Petro Poroshenko has agreed to the participation of Medvedchuk at the request of Angela Merkel,” — said in the article.

According to the publication, there are many arguments in favor of that “Poroshenko’s team not only accepted the challenge, but started playing around Medvedchuk”.

“On the one hand, its presence allows Kiev to analyze the tactics of Moscow in the Minsk process and quickly identify the planned actions. It was in the case of Hope Savchenko, who is in the Kremlin, was conceived as a factor destabilizing the political situation. It is no secret a significant role of Medvedchuk in her return and short political career. However, the Ukrainian authorities have shown that they are sufficiently well prepared for such operations, and Savchenko quickly marginalities,” writes Energetyka24.

The current President has chosen an electoral strategy, the axis of which lies in the articulation of the threat from the Russian Federation and the effectiveness of Poroshenko in the struggle with Moscow, says the publication.

“Medvedchuk will probably have to play the role of “threats”, encouraging potential voters in the face of Russian aggression, but also able to divide the Pro-Russian electorate” — allows Energetyka24.

At the same time, the Medvedchuk, in the opinion of the author, much greater ambitions and long-term plans in connection with his return to politics.

“Always the most powerful weapon was the backstage action. More talk about the impact of Medvedchuk in the field of information and judiciary, and the courts are an important field of political struggle in Ukraine”, — the author writes and adds that the party of Medvedchuk “there is a real chance to enter the Parliament”.

The newspaper also reports that recently deputies of the “Firtash group” “found a common language with other Pro-Russian “wing” in Ukraine — the party of “life”, in which the above-mentioned Medvedchuk and Rabinovich played a leading role.”

“These forces have announced that they will nominate a single candidate for the presidential elections, which will be Yuriy Boyko, and together they will participate in the parliamentary elections,” said Energetyka24.

Analyzing the interaction of Timoshenko with this group, the publication reports that one of the foundations of electoral campaign Tymoshenko, the so-called New deal, “created by the spin doctors associated with V. Medvedchuk for many years.”