Planned attack on the White house: the United States detained extremists alone

Планировал напасть на Белый дом: в США задержали экстремиста-одиночку

In the United States arrested 21-year-old Chaser Jalal Taheb, which, according to law enforcement authorities, was planning to attack the White house and other government agencies.

It is reported by NBC.

According to reports, Theb acted alone.

On TV said that the suspect didn’t know how to attack the White house — he didn’t have weapons and explosives. He was arrested when he was buying weapons from FBI agents who worked undercover.

Earlier, US secret service detained a citizen of Canada Jenny Georgopoulos, who tried to infiltrate the White house to give two bottles of whiskey for President Donald Trump and ask the us leader to find him a wife.

Earlier at the White house the accident occurred. The representative of US intelligence reported an unknown car crashed into a fence near the checkpoint of the White house.