Pig herd of China fell by 60 million head

Свиное стадо Китая сократилось на 60 миллионов голов

Pig herd of China was reduced to 60 million head.

This was stated by the President and CEO of Genesus Inc. Jim long writes euromeatnews.com.

“Last week, sources of feed industry of China reported that the consumption of pig feed in comparison with last year has decreased significantly. It shows the universal decline in the pig population in China. About 1.5-1.7 million sows were eliminated because of low prices before the outbreak of African swine fever. The reduction in the number of pigs caused by ASF. And according to preliminary estimates, the reduction of feed intake by 10% means that in China now there are about 60 million fewer pigs than last year,” – said the expert.

In the last four months in China revealed more than 90 outbreaks of ASF.

“In addition, it is suspected that not all cases were reported through official channels. At present, 22 provinces of China reported outbreaks of the virus,” the newspaper reports.

Meanwhile due to ASF by the beginning of 2019 the number of pigs in private households decreased dramatically.