Pharmacy Mogul got himself a personal stripper and eventually got shot in the forehead (PHOTO)

Аптечный магнат завел себе личную стриптизершу и в итоге получил пулю в лоб (ФОТО)

The relationship of an elderly businessman and dancers lasted four years. When the man decided to stop them, it ended tragically for him. Now his girlfriend is accused of murder.

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According to the prosecution, the 34-year-old dancer Jennifer Morrissey from Pennsylvania shot and killed his 64-year-old lover after he ended a relationship with her. Michael Mcnew has been found dead in his home in August 2017. The man was engaged in pharmaceutical business. The murder began to consider in court.

Аптечный магнат завел себе личную стриптизершу и в итоге получил пулю в лоб (ФОТО)

Morrissey and Mcnew met in 2013 in a strip club, and the businessman immediately took the girl under his wing. The relationship lasted four years, until Mcnew decided to break them, and that was the cause of the quarrel. Shortly before the tragedy, the man Morrissey has sent a message which threatened to kill her, and she in turn promised to “gut” his benefactor.

The prosecution told the court that, in their opinion, shot his victim right between the eyes. She then left the scene, but returned to cover his tracks and to present the incident as an armed robbery. However, the defense Morrissey claims that the shooting was accidental and occurred in the heat of battle that ensued between the former lovers.

If the court accepts the prosecution, Jennifer Morrissey will have to pay the penalty for murder, burglary, weapons trafficking and falsifying physical evidence.

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