People can start to leave areas and areas in which martial law – expert

Люди могут начать покидать районы и области, в которых объявлено военное положение - эксперт

The situation with the introduction of special provisions on the railroad consists of several points, not only of the importance of infrastructure, because “Ukrzaliznytsya” is a monopolist civilian traffic.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said political expert Alexander Rechmedilov.

“It is clear that in case of introduction of martial law and of the excitement there must go into an emergency mode of response, increasing the number of cars to provide on time, without panic, to ensure the movement of all citizens when they will need it. It is clear that with the introduction of a hybrid form of martial law in the country, it is unclear how it will respond to the people enough, they will be informed whether they will have enough cool and calm in these matters, because Ukraine had not lived in such conditions.

According to her, if some don’t pay attention to it, it can be called “training” of Ukrainians, and if it is emotional overstatement of expectations, then people will start to leave EN masse districts and areas where martial law is in effect.

“And that’s ten provinces and almost half of the state and increase of migration processes can occur, particularly, in the first place, it will concern those citizens who will be able to send their children to the grandmothers. But I think that this time should not be so panic and heat them up does not make sense. We should not forget that rail transport include not only passengers, but also transport and military. Again – that supply military objects that can create an increased load of the energy industry and the military-defense complex and a number of other strategic sites that are still somehow connected with the railway supply. So clearly the Ministry of infrastructure should be a higher level of readiness”, – concluded A. Rechmedilov.

As reported previously the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian announced that in connection with the imposition of martial law in 10 areas of Ukraine introduces additional measures to ensure the protection and defense infrastructure.

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