People are living longer than 20 years

 Люди стали жить дольше на 20 лет

The average life expectancy on Earth increased by two decades since 1950, despite wars and economic turmoil. To such conclusion the Russian and foreign scientists who prepared the article for the special issue of the journal Lancet.

So, since 1950, the average male life expectancy increased from 48 years to 70.5 years for women — from 53 to 76 years. A big leap was seen in the solution to the problem of child mortality: if in 1950, he died every fifth child (i.e. 20%), now this figure stands at 3.9%, reports 360tv.

At the same time, compared with 1950 has increased the number of deaths associated with military conflict and terrorism. The figure for the last 10 years has almost doubled. Similar dynamics was shown and the problem of obesity.

The study was conducted in the framework of the project Global Burden of Disease. It involves experts from 195 countries, medical services and leading research centers. The project focuses on how initiatives in health care allow you to save years of life, including healthy and nutritious.

Of Russian scientists in the work involved specialists of MIPT, HSE, sechenovskiy University, Central research Institute of organization and Informatization of public health and center of examination and quality control of medical care.