“Paws off”: In Poland, disrupted a concert of the Alexandrov choir – news ZIK.UA

Two Polish activists on 7 December interrupted the speech Pro-Kremlin choir Alexandrov in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz in the North of the country.

They ran on stage during a concert and unfurled banners in the Polish language, “the Kremlin racism out of the don” and “Glory to the Ukrainians, who are fighting for our freedom and yours”, informs UKRINFORM with reference to Oko.press.

As noted, activists of the Polish Rafal Dryers and Michal Voiceshot ran on stage after the performance the chorus of the song “Holy war” and dance of the Cossacks-acrobats with swords.

On stage they shouted slogans “hands off from Ukraine”, unfurled the flags of Poland and Ukraine, and running out on the stage turned the Russian flag.

After a few seconds, came on stage security, which has the power led activists.

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