Pavel Filip has started election campaign

 Павел Филип начал избирательную кампанию

The election campaign in the 20th district in Straseni started first Deputy Chairman of the PDM Pavel Filip. At the meeting with the residents and mayors of villages of the area he was talking about how the reforms were carried out in the country when he was Prime Minister and said that positive changes await residents Terrible in the future

His campaign, he called Dacia – the first letters of the names of the projects it intends to initiate in his home district.

“For me, DACIA is something personal. The name, which is associated with our identity, with national values. It means our priorities are: investment, roads, water and sewer. All this will be done to ensure that people stayed home,” – said the candidate of the PDM Pavel Filip.

Pavel Filip was born in the village Panasesti, Straseni. He noted that he knows firsthand about the problems of local residents. Moreover, he knows how to solve them.

“I have a detailed plan of specific actions and measures for each locality 20 the district. On these projects we worked together with you. People now know more and can decide which path leads to the development, evolution and economic growth, and some to destruction and anarchy. I am sure that our people understand who gives empty promises, and who shows himself in deeds,” – said the candidate of the PDM Pavel Filip.

In 20 single-mandate district consists of 19 settlements of Straseni and Orhei four.