Parubiy’s deputies forbade travel during the sessions of lying for the sake of pressure on the opposition – political scientist

Парубий запретил нардепам командировки во время сессий ВРУ ради давления на оппозицию – политолог

The Chairman of the Parliament A. Parubiy’s deputies forbade travel during the sessions of lying for the sake of pressure on the opposition.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“Parubiy wanted to ride the wave of information on the topic of absenteeism of MPs or their travel during the plenary weeks. After a day’s work Happy worth millions of hryvnias. And supposedly part of this seems to be the reforms or the struggle for greater efficiency of the Parliament, Parubiy made this decision trying to argue the fact that he can not take away the salaries of the Deputy, when that is not in the room at the time of voting for the days when absent. But supposedly with a political will, forbade the deputies to leave and make the trip during the parliamentary sessions,” says the analyst.

However, the expert says, in practice it turned out that the ban Parubiy began to look like an attempt to put pressure on opposition politicians.

“I do not exclude that this decision Parubiy took to pricking and pinching opposition politicians, to put pressure on them. For example, when the vote occurs, we can see that the hall may be unavailable, for example, Yulia Tymoshenko – as it was during her visit to the United States. That is, all had the parliamentary week, and Yulia Tymoshenko – a trip to the United States. She’s there, as I recall, presented “Budapest plus” – safety platform. And she said, we have a parliamentary week, and you are in the hall of Parliament no. Or: the resonance of the vote on the agenda, and Tymoshenko is not in the hall. And it violates the decision of the head of the Parliament. This caused dissatisfaction: how is it that after all must be present”, – concluded the analyst.

Earlier it was reported that the court overturned the ban of the head lying to A. Parubiya on business trips of MPs during plenary weeks.